Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~owh tough tough day!~

baru pukul 8:40 tp sudah terasa tertekan... Ops bukan!.. ter cabar..

i have to finish editing this 10 pages before evening.
my conference paper..first edit correction, second add one more findings of my study, then discuss on artificial intelligent and finally conclude. i need to email to dr koo for another flow editting... I CAN DO (ayat motivation) but i have another important matters to be attend which are

1) meeting with pazai @TPM for GOK updates. which i haven't done much YET... but need to submit it before end of this month. which is later by next monday.

2)meeting with hezri/alif for mawaddah web development.

i can do it.. i can do itt.. yes i can,, just have to make a first step.. which is... MANDI.. bersihkn dr dr segala kekusutan fikiran dan little voice inside yg ckp i cannot do.. mandi mandi..

till later... GOOD DAY TO EVERYONE WHO READ THIS.. .. mmuahh

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